Featuring unique seafood canapés, exclusive white asparagus creations, fruity sushis, new Southern Italian offerings and more

Celebrating a month of togetherness, fun, and positivity with Ramadan and Easter festivities, we welcome a slew of April exclusives that highlight the beautiful customs associated with these holidays.

If you’re looking for places to discover with your friends and family, here are 19 restaurants to check out with your loved ones this month.





Spice up your after-hours ritual at basdban – pronounced “bahs-de-behn” – an eclectic gastro-bar for deliciously fun Sichuanese discoveries, from spiced cocktails to novel dishes that go beyond the stereotypical mala offerings. Feast on healthy greens with Burn Baby Burn, where smoky wawa greens are tossed in savoury flavours of lard, preserved soy bean, and aged parmesan. On the other hand, their Lalalalalala Fried Chicken serves a platter of juicy fried chicken chunks and tender clams, atop a heap of fragrant Er Jing Tiao green chilli chunks for that numbingly addictive spice.





A modern Argentinian steakhouse known for their bold flavours and unique meats, drop by this month to savour the first of exclusive bi-monthly dinners that’ll take diners on gastronomic journeys around the world. On 21 and 22 Apr, encounter Japan at Bochinche with a three-course dinner that features Japanese stars like the Yellowtail, Yuzu, and grain-fed Satsuma A4 Sirloin as the main dish’s highlight – marrying the best of Japan and Argentina as they present the beef over a base of Bochinche’s signature Spanish risotto, before finishing with truffle caviar and an Onsen egg.


Crossroads Bar



Enjoy an elevated culinary experience over Asian-inspired tapas and bespoke cocktails, surrounded by the sophisticated vibe at Crossroads Bar. Decked with modern chic splendour, the space is perfect for an upscale afternoon tea retreat. This month, enjoy their April-special Berryful Bliss Afternoon Tea menu, featuring treats like maple rhubarb brie sandwich with strawberry jam and pistachio dust, compressed strawberry with feta cheese mousse and balsamic pearl, and citrus rhubarb brioche.


Dashi Master Marusaya



As their name suggests, Dashi Master Marusaya specialises in serving delicate dashi shabu broth. Taking a whole two years to produce, their Katsuobushi uses Rishiri kelp and Satsuma 2-year-old hongare-honbushi, enchanting diners with a remarkably umami experience. Launching new lunch sets this month, enjoy premium A5 wagyu along with their delectable, nutritious, and healthy dashi offerings. On top of the Dashi sets, highlights on their lunch menu also include a Grilled Gindara Set (Black Cod), Grilled Salmon Belly with Sea Salt Set, fresh Bara Chirashi Don, and many more.


Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar



A contemporary French restaurant situated in the heart of our Arts District, Ginett is a popular go-to for diners looking for a relaxed dining experience with seasonal twists on French classics. From now until the end of May, they pay tribute to the tastes of Spring with an exclusive white asparagus menu. Coveted for its delicate flavour and texture, the Taste of Spring menu showcases four European-inspired dishes that highlight the exquisite subtleties of white asparagus. Fans can look forward to specials like the refreshing White and Green Asparagus Salad and hearty Grilled White Asparagus with Iberico Pork.


HAPPIEE! at Ola Beach Club



Eat good and feel good with HAPPIEE!, a homegrown brand by Growthwell Foods, specialising in plant-based alternatives for meat and seafood. The exciting HAPPIEE! range boasts two columns of meat selections – namely, chicken and seafood – which are made with soy and konjac respectively. In collaboration with Ola Beach Club, the range is reimagined as a variety of palatable plant-based menus that include a Fishiee Wrap, Crabbiee Burger, and a Prawniee & Squiddiee Pasta that is tossed in an aromatic, creamy laksa sauce.


JUMBO Seafood (ION Orchard)



Famed for their quality live seafood and delectable Singapore-style dishes, their ION Orchard outlet now offers diners a chance to enjoy an afternoon tea session with a panoramic view of our bustling Orchard Road district. The exquisite two-tiered, 10-course set features an array of new seafood canapés and dim sum selections – like Chilli Crab Meat Sauce with Sliced Fried Man Tou and Caviar and Seafood Bacon Roll Tossed with Salad Cream – all complemented by your choice of Rose Oolong (玫瑰乌龙) or West Lake Dragon Well (西湖龙井) tea.


Kam's Roast



Rejoice, Northlanders – Kam’s Roast brings their one Michelin-starred roast duck right to our beloved heartlands. Located within Food Junction at Junction 8, the express concept serves up a curated menu of the brand’s world-famous Cantonese barbecue signatures. Expect the ever-popular Roast Duck, Crispy Pork, BBQ Pork Char Siu, Soya Chicken, Cured Sausages, and Wonton Soup available à la carte, with rice or noodles. The glorious Kam’s Roast Lava Century Eggs are also available for sale at the new quick-service outlet, where guests can delight in the famous delicacy that sees snaking queues at Kam’s Roast in Hong Kong.


Kuriya Japanese Market



Celebrating the fresh harvests of Japan’s Spring, Kuriya Japanese Market’s Spring Matsuri fair presents its first-ever fruit sushi (fru-shi) offerings, delighting fans with creative and healthy sushis enhanced with the natural flavours of fruits. Highlights such as the Fruity Yuzu Inari promises an explosion of flavours from the likes of avocado, grape, shrimp roe, and yuzu. The Fruity Hako Sushi features salmon and black flying fish roe with grape and yuzu. Also, don’t miss out on their Fruity Tai Chirashi Don, an insta-worthy creation with salmon, Japanese sea bream, and scallops, all put together beautifully to present a rose motif within a bowl.


Lime Restaurant



Lime Restaurant’s gastronomic buffet line-up is back with a refreshed menu to spoil diners for choice all throughout the weekends. Besides their much-lauded, already-renowned seafood variety, the delectable line-up sees the return of Live Egg Station for brunch, all-new Freshly Shucked Oysters for dinner, and favourite Asian flavours like Roasted Duck Red Curry. There’s always room for desserts, as you reach for the creamy Durian Pengat, or the classic Matcha Panna Cotta with Red Bean (or both, even!).





An exciting concept in Paragon by Sushi Tei, Matsukiya serves traditional kushiyaki grilled over binchō-tan. They boast high quality ingredients such as the coveted Miyazaki wagyu ribeye and premium foie gras, enhanced with a special in-house marinade glaze. This month, go for their exclusive Gourmet 3-Tier Okamochi Box Dinner Set, a specially curated experience that features a scrumptious Appetiser Platter, their signature kushiyaki, and a choice of Wagyu Donburi (with Miyazaki A4 wagyu) or Unagi Donburi. The exclusive set is limited to only 5 per night, so be sure to grab them early!





Tucked away in a quaint industrial-chic shophouse, MeadesMoore presents a feast of uncommonly flavourful, secondary cuts of beef that are charcoal grilled to perfection and accompanied with surprisingly bold side dishes that are perfect for sharing. To round off your lavish meal, they also offer up decadent sweet-enders that are bound to remain in your memory for a long time. The steakhouse specialises in Large Format steak sharing platters good for two to three, featuring cuts like the hefty 1kg Galician Vintage MS 2/3 Prime Rib, Full-Blood Wagyu MS 7/8 Flat Iron, and a seasonal-special Chef’s Cut.


Menbaka Fire Ramen



Welcome the first notes of beautiful Spring with Menbaka Fire Ramen’s new seasonal offerings. Showcasing the colours and allure of the beloved season are their Sakura Yoghurt Pudding and Sakura Milk Latte, perfect as meal accompaniments. For your mains, choose between the Aburi Japanese Hokkaido-wagyu or Aburi New Zealand organic Striploin to slurp up the restaurant’s first-ever beef ramen.





A homegrown culinary concept with an unflinching commitment to local and regional produce, the progressive brand now welcomes diners with a full service restaurant, complete with their own intelligent fermentation lab, that promotes sustainability and plant-based alternatives. Their plant-forward menu showcases innovative creations that are as scrumptious in taste as their meaty counterparts. Highlights on the menu include the Really Cold Somen, a novel interpretation of Japanese cold noodles, Petai-So Clams, and an interesting Nose to Tail Chicken Pao Fan.


Super Loco



As Earth Day draws near, enjoy a breath of fresh air at Super Loco as you delight in an exclusive plant-based reimagination of fuss-free and delicious Mexican fare. With a gorgeous view of the Singapore river to boot, the restaurant kicks off their carbon-conscious Earth Month Menu with a staple snack of Corn Chips, Guacamole and Salsa Roj before digging into crispy spinach herb tortillas filled with earthy Mexican truffle, a sustainably farmed barramundi, and a generous slice of Pomegranate Tres Leches. Round it off with the thirst-quenching Zero to Hero, a zero-waste cocktail that upcycles fruit waste into a tropical tequila infusion.


Una Una



Una Una opens a third outlet at VivoCity with eight delicious outlet-exclusive dishes and an unlimited flow of sake. Crisp on the outside and ever-fluffy on the inside, the restaurant’s famed charcoal-grilled unagi is now featured in brand-new creations, such as the Unagi Ikura Don, Una Una Kaisen Roll, and Unagi Hokkaido Pork Hitsumabushi, where the pork belly, flown in from Hokkaido weekly, boasts a perfect fat-to-meat ratio. Simply top up $30 for a 90-minute session of free-flow sake as you unwind at their al fresco dining area.


Waterfall Ristorante Italiano



At this cosy Italian restaurant within the landscaped gardens of Shangri-La Singapore, diners can expect an uplifting experience surrounded by natural elements, natural light, and a vibrant touch of colonial interiors. Come 18 Apr, indulge in hearty Southern Italian dining with new Chef de Cuisine Simone Loisi’s Pugliese offerings. Featuring classics, signature handmade pasta, and pizzas, the new additions include must-trys like his Porchetta Alla Birra antipasti with beer-marinated pork belly and homemade sauerkraut, the Orecchiette Broccoli E Salsicca pasta, and a mouthwatering Mortadella e Stracciatella pizza.





Yakiniku-On-the-Go launches a new fuss-free and quick meal option, guaranteed to capture hearts of fervent meat lovers yet again. Think flame-seared, melt-in-your-mouth slices of A5 Wagyu, layered with a sunny-side up, a dollop of sinful mayonnaise, and fresh lettuce tightly packed between sweet and chewy Hokkaido rice. A crisp sheet of premium Fukuoka Nori holds everything together, making for an oceanic taste that lingers on the palate. Menu staples not to be missed include the A5 Wagyu Yakiniku Karubi, Hokkaido Pork Yakiniku, and Tender Unagi.


Yi Qian Private Dining



A hidden hideout of mouth-watering Cantonese and Teochew fare, Yi Qian Private Dining is the latest addition to Singapore’s private dining scene. Choose from over 100 sumptuous dishes, including a unique Stir-fried Shark Fin Soup with Crabmeat, served with Superior Stock in Teapot. The perennial favourite comes with a unique twist at Yi Qian, where pan-fried shark’s fin and succulent crab meat are served on a separate dish alongside a teapot of premium soup broth. Pour the broth into the teacup, take a bite of shark’s fin, follow it with a sip of soup – and voila.