Look forward to fresh red snapper slices, seared salmons, chilli-garlic scallops and more at this new restaurant

With new offerings excitedly popping up week after week, True Cost is the local dining scene’s latest news. A first-of-its-kind restaurant with a unique, revolutionary pricing concept for us to feast on seasonal ingredients at a fraction of their market price, diners may delight in the freshest catch and premium cuts that won’t break the bank.



Expect uncompromising quality with starters like their Red Snapper Crudo, where red snapper slices are marinated in a mix of zesty lime juice and homemade oyster sauce before being topped with olive tapenade and fresh green chillies.

You also can’t forgo the Salmon Truffle Tataki, which features seared salmon slices spritz with truffle sauce, served with fresh horseradish for added umami.



Taking centre stage is the indulgent Octopus with Potato Mousse main. Smoky charred octopus lightly grilled on its side to retain its natural sweetness, then served with a creamy potato mousse that’s likely to be the most lusciously light potato product you've ever tasted.

As if all that exquisite fare’s not enough, reach for a complimentary tipple for an added buzz. The cocktail and wine selection at True Cost are also kept at affordable prices, with options including the Ceviche Mary, a reimagination of the classic Bloody Mary, and fine wines like a Tussock Jumper Riesling and Paso a Paso Blanco Verdejo.


Located at Suntec City’s Sky Garden, the 170-seater restaurant will open to the public on 28 Jun.