From single-serve hot pot meals to Melbourne-inspired cafe eats

Those able to dine out are in for a real treat this October. As the month fast approaches, get excited for new and budding concepts including Bochinche’s latest locale, Griglia—an Italian joint inspired by Italian cookouts—as well as Wild Child Pizzette, which serves Neapolitan-style pizzette. Yum.



This modern steakhouse has moved a couple of times, but third time’s the charm, right? At its new Club Street home, be treated to wet- and dry-aged steaks grilled on an expanded wood and charcoal grill, which entails an irresistible, smoky aroma highlighting the natural flavours of beef. Besides the Ojo de Bife rib eye steak, we also suggest the Solomillo Sirloin Steak. Pair these with starters like the Burrata and a side of hand cut chips to complete a hearty meat experience.

Da Paolo Gastronomia Great World


Don’t underestimate the new Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet at Great World. Easily one of the largest branches by the F&B group, this new addition houses all its virtual concepts under one roof. So expect to be treated to eats from the Pizza Bar, Pasta Bar and Panini Italiani; not to mention choices from its weekend and evening menus. Alternatively, you can always select some greens and grains from the ever-popular salad station, or pick up creamy gelato to-go.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab jams, pasta and plenty of ready-made sauces from the retail section to whip up simple Italian dishes at home.



Those who need their daily dose of caffeine routinely should check out the all-new Dewgather cafe at The Star Vista. But besides their solid brews, the ‘Gram-worthy eatery also delivers a mean menu of sweet and savoury eats. Melbourne-inspired dishes include the signature Dew Swordfish Pasta for a less conventional dish of linguine and seared swordfish, as well as the Aussie Crumpet for lemon myrtle pieces and ricotta cheese plus berry compote. Guests sharing a variety of mains can also select the Waffle & Fried Chicken which is paired with kimchi and pickled daikon for a nice twist.  

Fufu Pot


Hot pot for one? Yes, please. At Plaza Singapura’s new Fufu Pot, indulge in simmering stews served just for you, thanks to its individual meals inspired by various cuisines. Opt for the comforting Stinky Tofu to savour a robust broth made with actual marinated stinky tofu; or choose the Thai-leaning White Curry for a creamy soup base paired with seafood like tiger prawns, scallops and clams. You’ll also find a menu of classic eats, where patrons can stay safe with mala, collagen and tomato broths. 


Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen


Inspired by grigliata (which is Italian for grill-out), Griglia Open Fire Italian Kitchen brings new depths to Italian cuisine in Singapore.

Here, pastas are enjoyed as appetisers, and flame-grilled seafood and meats take centre stage. So order the House Made Pappardelle served with braised pork jowl as well as the Spaghetti di Martino; but be sure to leave room for hearty mains like the Whole Spanish Turbot and dry-aged porterhouse steak.

As for dessert, share some Italian souffle with negroni ice cream or dig into the Cappuccinomisu for tiramisu with a coffee twist.

North Miznon


If this restaurant’s moniker sounds familiar to you, it’s because it is the sister restaurant of Miznon, the stuffed pita sandwich joint on Stanley Street. So take a break from stuffing your face with pita, and instead chow down slices of fragrant focaccia bread alongside Israeli eats made with fresh, local produce at North Miznon. And although the menu will rotate frequently, you can expect dishes like the Fennel bulb for a whole fennel roasted to perfection, as well as the Burning yellow potato, which sees a fluffy baked Agria potato charred over the open fire and filled with sour cream plus chopped salad.

Also feel free to order the Sirloin roast beef carpaccio on the rock (literally) or the Seafood Platter which spotlights market-fresh crabs, prawns and calamari cooked in a lemon butter sauce.

Wild Child Pizzette


If you love variety, you will love The Cicheti Group’s newest pizza concept, Wild Child Pizzette. Forget oversized pizzas which can barely fit on the table; at Wild Child Pizzette, you’ll find yourself tucking to savoury, 10-inch pizzas which entail more choices. No one should leave without trying the Crispy Fried Margherita, Trio Formaggio and Marinara. Sides to consider include the roasted Cauliflower and Kurobuta (roast pork belly).