A one-stop haven for all your French food needs has arrived

Forget forking out on a plane ticket to Paris; an all-new French concept store has landed in the heart of town to take care of any residual French cravings you might have had. Located at Duo Galleria, So France is, truly, so French—combining a bistro, wine bar, gourmet store (do we smell cheese?) and event space, created for wine tastings and masterclasses.

Opening to the public on Mar 22, the concept store seeks to create a completely authentic French ambience, right where you’d least expect it.

At 5000 sq ft, it’s a big space; but the food’s the biggest draw. Think gourmet artisan goodies, world-renowned wines, and a staggering selection of French pastries, cheeses, charcuterie, oysters, just to start. So France imports all its products from the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France—in an effort to support artisan farmers and small producers. Whether you’re looking for foie gras from the Southwest of France, or luxurious French cigars, chances are you’ll find it here.  

At the bistro, Head Chef Frederic Coiffe helms the culinary endeavors, bringing a crafted menu of well-loved traditional French dishes with a modern twist. Dishes you can expect include Escargots en persillade, Axoa de veau (a Basque dish of mashed veal), Bordeaux-style rib-eye steak and more. And if you’re more in the mood for an indulgent day of wine-drinking, treat yourself with So France’s exclusive range of artisan wines, available at the bistro, wine bar and gourmet store.

More information on the workshops and wine tasting sessions will follow in the coming weeks, but for now, we’re getting our purses ready for the oncoming splurge on French cheese. Bon Appetit.

So France is located at Duo Galleria, #01-51 and will open Mar 22. More info here.