Open Door: I-S hits up new fine dining Japanese establishment Ki-sho

I-S checked out new Japanese restaurant Ki-sho in black-and-white colonial house Chateau Tcc, right beside another recent arrival sister establishment Buona Terra.

“With only three omakase sets ($230, $280 or $330) on the menu, you’re looking to drop some serious coin on chef de cuisine Kazuhiro Hamamoto’s (ex-Waku Ghin) multi-course meals, but it’s worth it. The emphasis is on seasonal ingredients featured in an assortment of appetizers, sashimi, nigirizushi, a Hida Wagyu dish, miso soup and dessert; seafood’s usually flown in on Tuesdays and Thursdays.”

To read more about what I-S thought, see the full Open Door on Ki-sho.

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