Open Door: I-S visits MAD, a joint venture by the TungLok Group and Dick Lee

I-S headed to MAD, a multi-concept establishment by Dick Lee and the TungLok Group, for some tapas and dim sum.

“The menu—featuring both inventive tapas and dim sum—comes care of chef Roberto Hernández Sevillano, who was last at the Esmirada Group’s Bodega Y Tapas restaurant. He puts out smart recipes like teriyaki-glazed mushrooms with cuttlefish tagliatelle ($14)—the cuttlefish is frozen, pounded till flat, then sliced thin to resemble noodles—as well as bite-sized potato bravas ($11), comprising hollowed-out potato cubes filled with spicy sauce and aioli. On the dim sum side, expect updated classics like spring rolls ($5.50) stuffed with peppery beef and pan-fried gyoza in white wine cream cheese sauce.”

To read more about what I-S thought, see the full Open Door on MAD.

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