Open Farm Community celebrates kampung dining with their Farm Feast

A dedicated champion for the locavore movement, Open Farm Community is Singapore’s pioneering urban farm and restaurant concept, founded with a vision to reconnect urban Singaporeans with the food we eat.

The Michelin Plate-awarded restaurant aims to strengthen understanding of our food and their origins through a menu that highlights local and regional produce.

In efforts to support the urban farming ecosystem, they procure fresh greens and herbs from long-running partnerships with local farms like Edible Garden City, ensure that their proteins come from sustainable and humane farms, and even grow a select handful of crops on-site themselves.


, Open Farm Community celebrates kampung dining with their Farm Feast


Determined to reignite the convivial spirit of communal dining, Open Farm Community recently launched the Farm Feast – a family-style menu that celebrates homegrown produce, featuring communal dishes made predominantly from locally sourced ingredients.

Presented as a table of sharing plates serving up an array of snacks, starters, mains, house-made accompaniments and desserts, each feast is adjustable to suit any group size from as small as a table for two. Further defined by a minimal waste policy, they have made it a point to utilise every part of the produce by repurposing commonly discarded trimmings into unsuspecting accompaniments.


, Open Farm Community celebrates kampung dining with their Farm Feast


On the menu are highlights like the OFC Farm Sweet Corn Ribs featuring house-farmed corn, SG Grown Radishes where raw adult and baby purple radishes are served with dollops of cultured cream and sourdough crumble, Grass-fed NZ Short Ribs, and steamed Tiberias Barramundi with smoked mussels cream, smoked ikura and puffed pulut hitam.

Vegetarians can enjoy their signature Braised Local Eggplant stuffed with green jackfruit and fermented black bean sauce.


To learn more about OFC, visit their site here.


A version of this article first appeared on epicure.