Savour exciting contemporary izakaya and omakase cuisines at this new East-side gem

Situated in KINEX, Osomatsu Restaurant and Bar is a new contemporary Japanese destination, elevating the ever-bustling dining scene in the East.

A new concept by Yuan Cuisine Group, this Modern Japanese establishment is the brainchild of award-winning chef Angus Chow and celebrity chef Justin Foo.



Offering inventive interpretations of izakaya food and beloved Japanese classics, guests can look forward to memorable sessions of experiential dining that promise to invigorate the senses and palate.

Named after the Japanese expression in response to gratitude for a meal, Osomatsu’s dedication to service is also felt through their menu’s well-researched innovation.



From Japanese tapas and pristine sashimi, to well-executed grils and deep-fried izakaya bites, highlights include the Uni Ikura Tart, featuring hickory-smoked sea urchin for accentuated sweetness, briny salmon roe, and fragrant truffle cream in a delicate shortcrust pastry shell.

Also try the Shiromi Truffle, which is sea bream sashimi from Toyosu, seasoned with salted kelp and truffle oil-scented caviar, beautifully finished with purple shiso flowers and gold dust.



The Pork Katsu Sando features thick Iberico pork loin between homemade brioches slathered with a delicious “secret” sauce.

Osomatsu also offers an omakase experience that includes the luxurious Miyazaki A4 Wagyu on its menu, served as a traditional Japanese chazuke.


Visit their site here to find out more about what they have to offer.