Pasarbella is opening a second outlet downtown

While Pasarbella hawks some pretty delicious items, like paella, quiche and lots of craft beers, their Turf City Grandstand location may deter some from making the trip there.

Now, they’ve got a second outlet in the works, right in the heart of the CBD. Slated to open by August, Pasarbella @ Suntec is located in a new addition of the sprawling Suntec City Mall that links Tower 1 and 5. They’ve got space for 15 new tenants, of which 11 have been confirmed. But there won’t be any retail stores selling candles or scents, as the market will be entirely focused on food and drinks.

Although we don’t know much about the stalls occupying the marketplace, most of them are existing artisanal local brands that are setting up new concepts. There will not be much overlap between tenants between the two locations, so you can expect an entirely new lineup of things to nosh on.