Private chef Mervyn Phan to open casual bistro GRUB at Bishan Park on April 27

Forget swank white tablecloth joints, it seems casual eateries housed in minimalist shacks are the in thing these days. Hot on the heels of Gillman Barracks seafood hut The Naked Finn, and Holland Village café-bar (housed in an eco-friendly shed) Park, comes GRUB, bistro by private chef Mervyn Phan (of Cookyn Inc) at Bishan Park.

The place will serve simple hearty fare like chilli con carne ($8), grilled steak and fries ($18.50) and a crispy fish burger ($11). On weekends (8:30am-5:30pm), there’ll also be brunch including dishes such as French toast with garlic pork sausage ($12) and baked macaroni with bacon ($13). Drinks include Liberty Coffee (from $3) and Dammann Tea ($5) as well as craft beers ($10) like Palm amber ale and Bavik pilsner.

Read more at the GRUB website.