The world’s first and only Michelin-starred ramen joint hits Singapore next month

The acclaimed Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta will be opening its first outlet outside of Japan right here in Singapore next month, so if you’ve always wondered why some Japanese people would queue at 6am in the morning every day just to get a bite, here’s your chance.

Hailing from the northern part of Tokyo, they’ll be bringing the same critically acclaimed flavors that founder and chef Yuki Onishi offers in its Japan outlet. The secret of its success lies in its carefully selected ingredients, a mixture of sauces used for the base of the soy broth. In this video, Onishi speaks candidly about their special partnership with a shoyu brewer in Wakamaya Prefecture that creates a soy sauce to his specifications, mixed with two other shoyu for the dashi (soup stock), as well as his reason . Even their noodles are unique; made with four types of whole wheat flour for a nice bite and smooth texture.

Choose from three different types of soup bases—the Shoyu Soba, which has a dash of black truffle sauce; the Shio Soba, which consists of a blend of chicken and seafood, rock salt, red wine and rosemary; and the Miso soup, which has a lighter yet robust flavor.

The Japan outlet only serves 150 bowls of ramen at its nine-seater establishment, so you should expect something similar at its Pacific Plaza branch, which only seats 18 people. You can get a bowl for as low as $14 when it finally opens its doors in October.