Rediscover the joys of gatherings at The Communal Place

For more than 2 years, we’ve been disconnected in one way or another. Despite initial discomforts, we’ve managed to adapt and have started becoming used to the new norm.

Back to disrupt the new norm and remind us about the wonders and joys of social activities is The Communal Place, a fusion bistro within the vibrant Joo Chiat district.


, Rediscover the joys of gatherings at The Communal Place


Founded with a vision to provide a shared space for the community within their vicinity, the cosy bistro places humans first, before food, drinks, and the other products of gatherings. Serving up family-sized contemporary western fusion dishes, great coffee, and refreshing beverages, The Communal Place takes their cue from the strong Peranakan and Eurasian influences in their local area.

A nod to our heritage and penchant for bonding over food and eating off family sharing portions, everything from The Communal Place’s décor to the style of their dishes is catered to facilitate social interaction – expect modular dining tables, long dining layouts, family platters and everything in between.


, Rediscover the joys of gatherings at The Communal Place


During the preceding months of lull, the dedicated team of culinary specialists took the opportunity to reflect on their craft and offerings, experimenting and innovating with hundreds of dishes before finally arriving at the current refreshed menu.

Still centred around sharing and spending quality time with friends and loved ones, the new menu aims to present a gastronomic journey filled with meaningful interpretations of humanity’s best experiences.


, Rediscover the joys of gatherings at The Communal Place


Highlights to go for include the St. Louis Pork Ribs. Put through a newly-perfected 23-hour preparation process, the juicy, fall-off-the-bone tenderness of each rib is an absolute delicacy not to be missed.

Their Porter House Steak boasts an excellently seared brown crust outlining juicy, fork-tender bites. A result of over 35 rounds of experimentation, their steak is seasoned with a simple herb rub to give it an accentuated flavour.


, Rediscover the joys of gatherings at The Communal Place


Reinventing the classic Bangers and Mash using octopus, the unique Octopus Chorizo features a medley of textures and flavours where generous portions of octopus and chorizo sit in a bed of pillowy mashed potatoes, complemented by a spicy and tangy gravy made from Golden Creek peppers.

Discover a larger-than-life traditional beef meatball with their Smash (Meat)Ball, an upgraded classic using premium ground Wagyu beef seasoned with a secret 9-spice blend.


Revisit the heart of dining together now at The Communal Place, built for casual after-work hangouts, cosy dates, and multi-generational meals.


For more information, visit The Communal Place’s official website here.