Discover the true taste of Singapore’s culinary tradition at Rempapa

Amidst an airy, light-filled space at Park Place Residences at PLQ, lies a treasure trove of multi-cultural heritage recipes that combine nuances of age-old tradition and gastronomic flavour profiles that resonate with today’s diners.

Helmed by Chef Damian D’Silva, Rempapa is an amalgamation of D’Silva’s reputation as Singapore’s passionate “papa” of local cuisine, as well as the Malay word “rempah” — the aromatic spice paste at the base of all Singaporean ethnic cuisines. This novel all-day-dining concept is D’Silva’s newest project, seeking to extol Singapore’s unique heritage among the great cuisines of the world.


, Discover the true taste of Singapore’s culinary tradition at Rempapa


His extensive all-encompassing menu is steeped in layers of flavours and sensations that showcase the different facets of Singapore’s vibrant heritage. A champion of Singapore New Heritage Cuisine — a term he endearingly uses to reflect his work with our culinary tradition — his menu reflects distinct flavour profiles that are both a bridge to our past and designed to engage the modern palate.

Take Rempapa’s Pork Chop Curry Rice for example. A familiar sight, but with a different taste. The dish takes various elements from across different racial recipes to make for a new spin. The pork is crumbed with hand-pounded cream crackers à la classic Hainanese style, set above a reworked toned-down curry gravy that is less striking on the palate but features the distinct, savoury depth of garam masala — a brilliant showcase of Indian, Eurasian, and Malay culinary influences.


, Discover the true taste of Singapore’s culinary tradition at Rempapa


A similar creation is their Chicken Curry, made with a skilfully house-blended powder that contains Indian and Eurasian mixes, a rempah base from the Malay gulai, coconut milk following the Indians of Sri Lankan descent, and blue ginger and lemongrass like the Peranakans would’ve used.

Also on the menu are some classic dishes redolent with the aromas of the many traditional cuisines found in Singapore, such as Baca Assam, Kai Fan, Nasi Lemak, Seafood Bee Hoon, and Stir-Fried Chee Cheong Fun.

Rempapa also offers a separate takeaway menu so families can bond at home over nostalgic flavours, and an exclusive Chef’s Menu that changes according to what is available throughout the year, personally presented by Chef Damian in Rempapa’s private room for up to 10 guests.


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