Riverside Grilled Fish arrives at NEX

Amongst the multitude of flavours and culinary delights to discover from China’s rich history, our local love for food has recently zoomed in on delicious servings of authentic grilled fish, complemented by another obsession: our love for mala dishes.

Founded in 2005 and quickly taking over the Chinese market with more than 100 outlets across China to date, Riverside Grilled Fish is known for their unique Chong Qing-style grilled whole fishes, served with the freshest ingredients and award-winning sauces. Bringing their robust and tantalising Chong Qing recipes out of China, their first overseas outlets opened in Singapore.


, Riverside Grilled Fish arrives at NEX


Now at NEX, their newest restaurant takes on a contemporary oriental design with woody undertones, featuring modern vibes accentuated with influences of traditional fishing villages in China. A decorative LED ceiling transports diners into a world of interactive dining while feasting on grilled fish.

Choose to have either Sea Bass, Patin, Golden Pomfret, or Qing Jiang with any of the ten appetising sauces available on the menu. For even more satisfaction, diners also get to choose from 30 add-on sides available to pair with their grilled fish.


, Riverside Grilled Fish arrives at NEX


On top of the intense signature fragrant spicy sauce and lip-numbing mala sauce, their newest green pepper sauce and fragrant garlic sauce have been received with much praise.

Slightly spicy with a tangy base, the green pepper sauce will delightfully whet your appetite, while the fragrant garlic sauce packs an extra punch of flavour with its generous load of garlic.


Beyond just grilled fish, order up a variety of riverside snacks such as Crisp Tortilla Strips, Sichuan-style Chilled Chicken in Chilli Oil, and Fragrant Spicy Crawfish Tail to complement your meal, then finish off with desserts like Aloe Vera Jelly Fish with Mango Puree for a complete experience.


Find out more about Riverside Grilled Fish and their newest outlet on their Facebook page here.