Seinfeld fans, there’s a dinner party based on the TV show

Fans of the much-loved TV show Seinfeld, which had a decade-long run until it ended in 1998, now have a reason to attend this pop-up dinner party.

Seinfeld & Pastrami is happening on Oct 2 at Portsdown’s Revolution Coffee, with a light dinner based around one of the TV show’s episodes. Centered around the episode “The Blood” where George Costanza tries to perfect the so-called trifecta, you’ll get to eat New York-style pastrami sandwiches, drink housemade sodas and watch the aforementioned episode of the TV show.

The pop-up dinner is limited to 34 seats and go for $25 a pop, which you can get at their Eventbrite page, here. Plus, you’ll get a free issue of Crust Catalog.