Seoul’s biggest toast chain Isaac Toast is opening in Singapore

Say Chiizu in Singapore has got a new competitor. If you’re at all familiar with the cheese toast trends of the world, you’ll know Isaac Toast. Easily the most popular Korean toast in Seoul, the chain that first started franchising in 2003 now owns over 700 retail stores in South Korea alone. Most recently it expanded to the new Paradigm Mall in Johor Bahru, opening to massive fanfare and long queues. And now, it’s landing in Singapore.

Unlike most other toast trends, Isaac Toast isn’t just about stretchy cheese. The store specializes in breakfast toast—or savory toasted sandwiches with fillings that range from your standard ham & cheese, to bulgogi, bulgalbi (boneless short ribs), and even shrimp. Some variations come with hash brown, others substituting the bread for bagels or muffins; but rest assured every item comes with cheese. Sounds like a simple recipe, but as bread fans who’ve tried it firsthand, let us safely vouch that the simplicity works. Prices for the sandwiches range from 2300 KRW (S$2.86) for a ham & cheese to 3400 KRW (S$4.22) for the bulgalbi sandwich, so hopefully there won’t be too much of a price hike here. The brand also offers a selection of coffees, juices and iced drinks to go with their fresh toasts.

According to a Facebook post, local company Altitude Holdings acquired the distribution rights for the brand. They currently also own other Korean restaurant chains in Singapore and Malaysia, such as Yoogane and Andong Zzimdak. The first outlet in Singapore will be a flagship kiosk in Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura—thereby joining the majority of Isaac Toast outlets in Seoul, which typically operate out of takeaway stands.

The brand created a Facebook page for its Singapore outpost on Jun 7, and is slated to open mid-July 2018; so keep your eyes peeled for more updates to come.