Dig into Singapore’s trendiest restaurants and eateries with SG Eats 2020

Good food, good life. Whether you’re a gourmet-in-making or just hankering after new tastes, make 2020 a year of culinary adventure. Get ahead of the pack with SG Eats, your definitive guide to Singapore’s latest and greatest F&B establishments.

From old West comfort foods to Seoul-yummy cuisine and the freshest seafood joints, each listing is cherrypicked by our team for your dining pleasure. In short, we’re deep-diving so you don’t have to.

We’re also throwing our very own Tasting Tables event, featuring exclusive tasting menus from 11 prolific restaurants here. These big flavours come at affordable price tags, making ballin’ on a budget much easier.

Ready to begin? Just pick a restaurant and start eating—it’s that simple.

The full e-guide available here.