Shangri-La Hotel Singapore offers Kong Family Cuisine Menu inspired by Confucius from January 18-24

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore‘s Shang Palace is offering a Kong Family Cuisine Menu inspired by great Chinese sage Confucius from January 18-24.

There are three different sets: 10 courses for six people ($88 per person), 14 courses for eight people ($128 per person) and 17 courses for 10 people ($138 per person).

Qufu, in the Shandong Province, is the birthplace of famed Chinese philosopher, Confucius. A team of guest chefs from Shangri-La Hotel Qufu—which opens in early 2013—will cook up dishes such as Lu Wall’s Hidden Collection (prawn roll wrapped with crispy vermicelli) and Wisdom Frees Perplexity (braised pork ribs stuffed with spring onion).

The sage’s family recipes emphasize four essential elements: color, aroma, flavor and texture. Plus, as is traditional, the dish names have auspicious meanings.

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is just one of six Shangri-La Hotels which are part of this promotion. The special menu will also visit establishments such as the Island Shangri-La Hong Kong (January 28-February 3) and Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta (March 19-25).

Get the details at the Shangri-La Hotel Singapore website.