This one comes with Michelin-star grade boba too

Hear ye, hear ye! A brand new Taiwanese-based bubble tea store has made its way across the South China sea to feed the boba craze in Singapore. After over 20 years of operation, bubble tea joint Chicha San Chen will be arriving at 313@Somerset this May.

Popularised in mainland China, the boba giant has over 200 branches across Taiwan and China. The store has received awards, including the Highest International Authority iTQi certification (International Taste & Quality institute in Brussels) for its Dong Ding Oolong Tea in 2017—an award of equal prestige as scoring three Michelin Stars—and has remained the only tea beverage company to receive this esteemed placement. If you aren't up for Michelin-quality beverages, pick from the Bubble Brown Sugar Milk Tea, High Mountain Pouchong Tea with Lemon Juice, Cassia Black Tea with Mousse, Fruit Tea, or the OG Bubble Milk Tea instead.

Thirsty to refuel mid-shopping? Maybe drop by Chicha San Chen’s flagship store at 313@Somerset come May for for your tea fix.

Chicha San Chen opens May 2019 at #03-41, 313@Somerset, from 10am-10pm daily. More info here.