The old Spiffy Dapper is now a craft beer bar

Although The Spiffy Dapper has moved to a new location on Amoy Street, the well-remembered Boat Quay spot isn’t being left to languish. The folks behind Spiffy are turning it into St. Monica’s, named after the patron saint of alcoholics and disappointing children.

The bartender tells us that it’ll primarily be a craft beer bar, with a focus on Belgian, English and American beers, and the selection is expected to be updated every quarter.

Their Tumblr suggests the place will retain a lot of the rustic charm that made Spiffy feel so homey, even keeping an old-timey soundtrack on the decksthough it’s New Orleans/Blues-style music this time.

St. Monica’s is on the second floor of 61 Boat Quay. It’s not technically open yet, but you can still go and be one of the first people to grab a drink there.