Tara serves up contemporary Thai cuisine along Boat Quay

While travel restrictions have eased considerably, many of us still hesitate to fly out. But who says you can’t explore the gastronomic delights of foreign land while here at home?

Specially for Singaporeans and our lasting love for Thailand and Thai food, new Thai restaurant Tara will whisk us off to the streets of Bangkok.


, Tara serves up contemporary Thai cuisine along Boat Quay


Following the success of French-Japanese concept JIDAI, which won our hearts and palates, Chef-Owner Darwin Ong now brings his fusion cuisine expertise to Tara, a new restaurant along the same stretch in Boat Quay that serves up contemporary Thai fare.

For starters, try the Stuffed Chicken Wings. Stuffed with minced pork, dried mushroom and glass noodle, this dish packs a flavourful punch that’s complemented with sweet-and-sour chilli sauce.

The exotic Ant Egg Tom Saap features wild ant eggs and mixed mushrooms stewed in a spicy broth laced with tangy citrus notes. The dish clearly isn’t for the faint-hearted, but your taste buds will thank you for taking the plunge.


, Tara serves up contemporary Thai cuisine along Boat Quay


For more modern gastronomic preferences, highlights on Tara’s menu include mains like BBQ Wagyu Steak, Tara’s Salt Baked French Cod, and Deep Sea Spiny Lobster Thai Braised Glass Noodle, which boasts an addictive prawn broth flavoured with crab roe miso and shallot oil.

Finally, wash the feast down with a series of Thai-inspired cocktails to complete the whole experience. A boozy riff on Singapore’s breakfast staple, the Kaya Coconut Milkshake comes highly recommended, with its blend of pandan kaya, malibu and vodka.


For more information, visit Tara’s Facebook page here.