Fried shrimp, vegetables and egg served atop a bed of fluffy rice? Yes, please

Tendon, simply an abbreviation for tempura donburi, is one of the most satiating lunch or dinner fixes around. After all, the dish packs a bunch of delicious, fried ingredients into a bowl with warm Japanese rice. To know where to enjoy this Japanese staple in Singapore, just check out the following places. We guarantee you’ll be headed back for more in due time.



Trust Akimitsu to deliver delicious rice bowls topped with crispy tempura. The award-winning tendon restaurant hails from Tokyo and has over 130 years of culinary experience and history. Here, enjoy anything from the reasonably-priced Vegetable Tendon to the classic Akimitsu’s Signature Tendon; those who prefer their servings extra large can also try the Mega and Giga sets which offer additional toppings.

Tempura Tendon Tenya Singapore


Since its arrival in Singapore, Japan’s number one tendon chain restaurant has been dishing out delicious shrimp and vegetable tempura fished right out of its patented automatic fryer. Have that atop a bowl of fluffy Aomori rice, or alongside some Japanese udon or soba noodles; and always feel free to upsize, downsize or choose from an array of set meal options.

Tendon Ginza Itsuki


The Keisuke Ramen brand may be closely associated with its ramen brands—and rightfully so—but that doesn’t mean its tempura donburi outlet doesn’t stand out too. In fact, Tendon Ginza Itsuki is one of the most popular tendon spots in Singapore with snaking queues at least every other day. So start lining up early to enjoy a taste of its simple but delicious menu; the Special Mix Tendon is always a hit as it encompasses generous pieces of shrimp, chicken breast, vegetables and a half-boiled egg.



A casual Japanese concept specialising in tempura donburi, Tenjin by the Les Amis Group doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re craving for the hearty, more premium Toku-Jo that comprises fried anago, crab leg, prawn fish and vegetables, or the simpler Jo that comes with prawn and vegetables plus an egg, rest assured you’ll always receive that same, consistent flavour. And for all their tendon offerings, get to pick between the spicy or regular tare, a sauce you can also take home as 250ml bottles of them retail in the restaurant as well. Finally, wash all that deep-fried goodness down with their free-flow Hojicha tea, available both hot and iced.

Tenshin Restaurant


Serving only the freshest of tempura thanks to bi-weekly cargo deliveries of shrimp from the Tsukiji Market in Japan, Tenshin Restaurant at Regent Singapore is a good choice for those craving specialty tendon. Closed on Mondays, head down to Cuscaden Road on any other day of the week to try eats like the Tokusen Tendon for prawn tempura cake and vegetables on rice; or the Tempura Set for a wider variety of ingredients. Prices are a little steeper than others on the list, but what you’re paying for is truly quality.