Could this be Singapore’s solution to the great In & Out-Shake Shack divide?

If you’ve ever traveled to both the East and West coasts of America, you’ll probably have experienced the furious inter-coastal conflict—Shake Shack on the East or In & Out on the West? It’s a tough decision to make (burgers are a serious business), but the newest addition to our local burger scene might offer us all a way out.

From popular fashion house Benjamin Barker, B Burger, already in its soft launch, is set to reinvent the burger scene with its aesthetic and its menu. Focusing on hand-rolled beef patties served with feel-good vibes, the joint takes over the ex-Lacoste store at Cineleisure Orchard, in a 62-seater space decked out in trendy palm leaf-prints. Classic American burgers with a Japanese twist are served hot off the grill, and priced affordably from $6.90-$11.90.

Karate Burger

To keep things fun, touches of Japanese ingredients pepper the menu—like wafu slaw, an Okonomiyaki corn dog, nori flakes, and even Japanese curry. The sides too are unique, with curry cheese fries and nacho soup (yes, nacho cheese in soup form), adding sass to your regular burger-and-fries meal. Rounding off the menu are milkshakes and—wait for it—frozen custards; exactly like what you’d find at both In & Out and Shake Shack. At B Burger, though, you get an added choice of matcha.

It’s early days, but B Burger and its cool new vibe might just be a viable compromise offering the best of both coasts—Shake Shack’s presentation and quality, and In & Out’s affordability. Or as Eleven says: halfway happy.

B Burger is open from 12pm-10pm daily at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #01-01. More info here