There’s a new grill and cocktails concept in Boon Keng opened by female founders

Who says grilling is a man’s game? In the heart of the Boon Keng neighbourhood, two savvy female entrepreneurs have come together to set up a specialty grill to extinguish the notion once and for all. New to the scene, Homeground Grill & Bar is a restaurant bar specialising in charcoal-grilled meats, seafood—and cocktails to match.

Behind it are childhood best friends turned co-owners Nellie Tan and Chrystal Yeong, who undertake the operations as Chef and Restaurant Manager respectively. The two envisioned a comfortable safe haven, citing old-school heartland bars you would escape to for light beers after a long day’s work. Hence the name Homeground, explicitly reminiscent of a place of intimate familiarity you’d always be at ease running to.

, There’s a new grill and cocktails concept in Boon Keng opened by female founders
Homeground Grill and Bar

On the no-frills menu, expect your favourite meats and fresh seafood, slow-grilled over flaming charcoal and paired with unique alcohol-infused marinades. Chomp on New Zealand ribeye marinated in whisky, or Thai street food favourite salt-crusted fish; if you’d like a bit of everything, the Homeground Mixed Platter including Norwegian salmon, garlic tiger prawns, ribeye and more should do the trick.

To go with your food, there’s a short list of refreshing cocktails specially concocted to balance the smoky flavours of the grill plates. The Asian spin is apparent—such as in the Safehouse, a G&T take packed with ginger, herbs and sour plum; and the Heavenly Tea, a fragrant mix of whisky, tie guan yin tea, honey, mint and lemon. Just what the doctor ordered.

Homeground Grill & Bar is located at 1088 Serangoon Road, and is open from 6pm-12mn (Tue to Fri), 1pm-12mn (Sat to Sun). More information available here.