Tanjong Pagar’s new restaurant is all about butter

Leave your calorie-counting ways at the door now—Buttergrill, a new restaurant that’s all about churning out artisanal dishes has opened on Tanjong Pagar.

The two week-old outlet is not holding back with a menu of meat, seafood and pasta plates that come with generous portions of house-made butter, a refreshing departure from the slew of healthy bistro openings recently. You can choose from white (herbs, garlic and parsley), red (herbs, garlic, parsley, chili and paprika powder), mustard (herbs, mustard seeds and hot English mustard) and red wine and figs (infused with a reduction). All of their items are grilled with butter, because according to these butter enthusiasts, it’s the best way to enhance its flavor. 

On the drinks front, the restaurant offers coffee from Dutch Colony Co. and a range of craft beers from The Drinkery—we have our eye on their Beer Tasting Taster set, which comes with a spread of lamb rack, sea bass, pork belly and scallops, four different kinds of butters (classic red, orange giner, classic white and Sriracha) and four different types of beer (pale ale, fruity white, coffee stout and wheat ale).

Check out their full menu and make a reservation here.