There’s a new rooftop grill restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

Two of our favorite food trends—grilled meats and rooftops—come together in this new Tanjong Pagar eatery.

Located on the 12th floor rooftop space of Realty Centre, Charcoal Pit has a no-frills, diner-like vibe, complete with burger-shaped neon signs, fairy lights and unfussy wooden deck furniture. The barbecue restaurant goes back to basics with a menu full of grilled Angus beef burgers, baby back ribs slathered in a smoky sauce, slow-grilled pork cheeks in a teriyaki sauce and charcoal-grilled steaks. 

Everything here is cooked using charcoal and hardwood, including sides like grilled bone marrow with smoked parmesan and pulled pork crostinis. But if you’re not in the mood for a full-on meal, the place also has beers on tap like Wunderbar, ciders and wine.