Tonight! A new networking event that’s on trend in so many ways

It’s Just a Drink is a new networking night that kicks off tonight (7pm) at East-side bar The Tuckshop. Organizers Creative Insurgence are looking to create a space “which not only allows you to unwind and relax but… network and meet up with new friends”. (Sounds to us like what bars have been doing since the dawn of time.) If you pre-purchase a ticket it’s $25 to get in, $35 if you want a drink included; otherwise you’re looking at $45 on the door.

Aside from taking place in one of the best of the new wave of Mod Sin-influenced eateries, and being put on by one of the new generation of unconventional event organizers (think Sideshow, Peatix and others), tonight’s event also taps into an emerging trend: celebrating the games of our childhood. Talk about a triple threat!

Games do seem to be a bit of a thing right now. Guests at It’s Just a Drink will be able to play with old-school games like five stones, pick-up sticks and old maid, as well as Tikam Tikam to win prizes. Also recently launched is the Singapore Card Game (apparently “the theme of the game is to be the most Singaporean as the one who is the most “kiasu” will usually win”). And later this month sees the debut of acclaimed Indian show Re:Play (Mar 14-18 at Goodman Arts Centre), which is inspired by traditional Indian games and looks at  how “board games and outdoor games [have] shaped human behavior through time”.