Two new bakeshops dough & grains and Nicher, now open in Tiong Bahru

Two brave new bakeries have tossed their hats into the ring at Tiong Bahru, especially considering the competition’s as stiff as they come (this is Tiong Bahru Bakery‘s stronghold after all).
First up is dough&grains, featuring Asian flavors in goods such as an unusual ginseng wolfberry cupcake ($1.50) and Yin & Yang Bun, topped with white sesame seeds and filled with black sesame paste ($1.90). Also available here are Chinese yam tarts ($1.90), pine nut banana cake ($2.30) and pumpkin egg tarts ($1.90).
The other is Nicher, set up in a corner kopitiam which offers treats baked on-site courtesy of chief baker Melvin Koh, who did his time at the Marina Bay Sands as part of the pioneer pastry kitchen team. Up for grabs are the popular matcha azuki pound cake topped with whole Hokkaido azuki beans, and almond marble pound cake ($6 for a half loaf; $12 for a whole pound cake). There are also muffin flavors ($1.50 each) including banana walnut, blackcurrant, and summer berries, with raspberries, cranberries, strawberries and cherries.
Also new in the area are PS. Café PETIT, a takeaway pizza/wine spot from the PS. Cafe crew, and coffee spot Flock Café.