Fervent fans of this famous Chongqing-style hotpot chain include Hong Kong celebrities Carina Lau, Cheung Chi Lam, Stanley Kwan and many more

Opening in Singapore marks Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant’s first overseas unit. The 80-seater restaurant at Great World is expected to satisfy snaking queues of hopeful diners – as was the case with its locations across Mainland China and Hong Kong.



Uncle Fong has more than managed to make itself stand out amongst the numerous hot pot chains that have popped up globally, what with its sleek interior, authentic Chongqing-style soup bases, premium ingredients not commonly found elsewhere, and a star-studded list of clientele the likes of Carina Lau, Cheung Chi Lam, and Stanley Kwan.



For those looking to stray away from traditional clear broths, turn to Uncle Fong’s Signature Chongqing Soup Base that’s made with five quality ingredients – Chongqing Shizhuhong Chilli, Sichuan Hanyuan Pepper, Refined High Quality Beef Tallow, Sichuan Pixian Bean Paste, and Yunnan Yellow Ginger.



If you’d prefer to go for non-spicy options, choose from soup bases such as the classic Pork Bone Broth, Tomato Broth, Fungus & Mushroom Broth, and Coriander and Preserved Egg Broth.

A Singapore outlet exclusive, the Fruit and Vegetable Soup features a light and mildly tangy flavour devised to perfectly complement our tropical climate.



While the broth of your choice simmers, handpick your ingredients from a wide selection of crisp vegetables, premium meat, and fresh seafood.

Enough to warm the cockles of your heart are their hand-beaten Ebiko Prawn Paste and Coral Mussels (red sea cucumber intestines). Additionally, the meat choices are first-rate and exotic with Fresh Ox Liver, Fresh Pig Throat, Pig Heart, and thinly sliced US Prime Beef Short Ribs that melt in your mouth almost as soon as they touch.


To find out more about Uncle Fong Hotpot Restaurant in Singapore, drop by their official Facebook page here and plan your visit today.