From mala shiitake chips to spicy konjac jelly eats

Can’t get enough of the spicy, numbing flavour that is mala? Try these five unconventional mala snacks, guaranteed to provide a spice kick.

Hokkaido Spicy Mushroom Scallops Snack


Made with restaurant grade Hokkaido scallops and king oyster mushrooms, these premium eats marinated in a sweet, spicy sauce are dangerously addictive. One 50-piece pack comes at $46.06 with free shipping—pricey, but worth every dime.

Mala Crabstick Snack


Great on its own or with instant noodles, these mala crabstick snacks come in bags of 10, 20 or 40 for your feasting pleasure. You might not be able to stop at one; try the Original or BBQ flavours once you’re done with your mala snack packs.

Spicy Mala Konjac Jelly Snack


These mala konjac jelly snacks might seem strange and even gross, but these unconventional treats are definitely as tasty as they come. Besides the spicy mala flavour, the snack also comes in Xiang La (fragrant spicy) and Suan La (sour spicy) flavours.

Sichuan Mala Shiitake Chips


Potato crisps have been given a healthier spin with shiitake chips, and now these bad boys come in unique flavours like Black Summer Truffle and Sichuan Mala. Just try them all with the Edens Assorted Trio Bundle which includes the Whole Garlic Shiitake Chips too.

Tam Jia Mala Fishball Snack


These mala fish balls are a great snack to have around the house. Use them to supplement meals, or just snack on them while you continue working from home.