Bad news: The Vault is closing; good news: they’re opening more restaurants

We hear your collective boos: after less than a year at their Boat Quay premises, The Vault is set to move out of Circular Road. Details are still a little vague but the Marco Marco chain of Italian restaurants will take over The Vault’s current space by November.

But the same folks behind the The Vault will make up for closing the much-loved resto-lounge by opening a slew of new restaurants along the road. Remember that time we said The Vault signed a long-term lease for 26 shophouses? Turns out they’re using all this space for six new spots including a Japanese izakaya bar, an American burger joint, a Korean restaurant, a gelateria, an Italian restaurant and a live music venue and sports bar. It’s all set to open by March 2015.

Don’t worry. It’s not all new neighbors on Circular. Creperie and cocktail bar Le Comptoir and nightclub Chateaux are staying put. And as for The Vault, we expect it  will be back, too, in a new place and a new incarnation, by early next year.