Viva la Mexico: hot Latin flavors make an appearance at Jack’s Place*

[SPONSORED] Mexican grub was all the rage last year with an influx of eateries serving the cuisine, but it looks like the cuisine is still hot in Singapore (and literally so). Case in point: childhood favorite Jack’s Place, known for its juicy grilled steaks, is spicing up its menu to include a selection of American-Mexican dishes—also a perfect timing if you’re rooting for Mexico during the World Cup (good luck).

To start, order the grilled Cajun chicken Caesar salad ($8.50), with romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, chopped egg mimosa, crispy turkey bacon, crispy tortilla chips and cajun-spiced chicken. For mains, there are five options. If you’re hankering for red meat, order the premium ribeye steak with tomato penne rigate that comes with breaded mozzarella cheese stick and seasonal greens ($22.80) or the premium beef tenderloin with smoky duck breast and yellow cherry tomato skewer ($28.50). Too heavy a meal? Go for the lighter yet flavorful poultry selections such as the grilled JP’s chicken marble roll & chipolata sausage skewer ($17.80) and crispy & smoky duck breast with Mexican BBQ sauce ($21.80). Seafood lovers aren’t left out, either: there’s a grilled salmon trout fillet with pan-seared scallop ($25.80) on the menu as well.

All main courses are available as a set—soup of the day, day’s dessert and coffee/tea included—for an extra $5.20. Want more options? Top up $9 to choose your a la carte soup, one of three daily a la carte pastry/dessert and coffee/tea from the main menu.

*This article was brought to you on behalf of JP Pepperdine., Viva la Mexico: hot Latin flavors make an appearance at Jack’s Place*