Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant serves up a new menu

Nestled within the luxurious Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel and known for their award-winning Cantonese cuisine, opulent décor, and exquisite dining experiences, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s time-tested menu has fascinated gourmands and hungry tummies for decades – diligently consistent, steadfast in their commitment, and never wavering in quality.

Now taking things to new heights, Wan Hao proudly unveils a brand new à la carte menu featuring elevated Cantonese classics in a remarkable combination of imaginative creations and refined luxury.


, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant serves up a new menu


Marrying fresh ingredients with a brilliant arsenal of traditional and modern culinary craftsmanship, diners can expect to indulge in seasonal specialities and endless moments of gastronomic bliss.

A reputed dim sum powerhouse, an absolute must-try on the new menu is the Dim Sum Trio Platter, boasting a luxe serving of Steamed Lobster Bamboo Pith Crystal Dumpling with Gold Leaf, Steamed Hokkaido Scallop Dumpling with Caviar, and Deep-Fried Prawn with Avocado Vermicelli Roll.

Warm your stomachs with a premium soup selection that includes Stewed Bird’s Nest with Crab Roe, Crab Meat and Superior Soup, and Double-Boiled Boneless Quail Filled with Bird’s Nest.


, Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant serves up a new menu


With over twenty new dishes, don’t miss out on the show-stopping Roasted Spanish Suckling Pig wrapped with Wok-fried Glutinous Rice and Chinese Sausage, completely deboned, with its collagenous fat beautifully bound, stuffed, then roasted with glutinous rice.

For more modern impressions, go for their Wok-Fried Cod Fillet with Foie Gras in Chef’s Secret Sauce and Braised Guan-dong Sea Cucumber stuffed with Iberico Pork in Chef’s Secret Sauce, a mouth-watering showcase of naturally farmed, premium ingredients and their famous umami-rich stock brewed with Chinese ham, pork trotters, chicken feet, and more for over six hours.


Then end your gastronomic journey on a high with unique house desserts, such as their Double-boiled Peach Resin with Red Date, Longan, Candied Melon, White Fungus and Malva Nut. For the more adventurous, the Brandy Baked Alaska with Ice Cream – a meringue crusted dessert flambéed with Brandy at your table – is truly a must-have.


To find out more about their exciting new menu, visit Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant’s page here.