WATCH: This 26-year-old fresh graduate now helms a claypot fish soup stall at an Ang Mo Kio coffee shop

It’s no secret that Singapore’s hawker culture—as loved as it is—faces a gamut of challenges and is in danger of dying out. But among the many new programmes and methods to save our local hawker scene is a new breed of entrepreneurs, also known as hawkerpreneurs.

Meet Edwin Kang, a 26-year-old fresh graduate who now helms a humble fish soup joint at a coffee shop in Ang Mo Kio. There, he works tirelessly with his team to produce tantalising bowls of fish soup, satiating neighbourhood residents. Priced at a reasonable $5.90, he offers a claypot-style fish soup dish that can be paired with both rice and noodles. Kang also sells an affordable rice bowl, topped with quality beef slices and a fried egg too.

Most interestingly, in the lead up to the opening of his stall Chao Zhou, Kang was even trained by his friend, an ex-chef from the famed Mott 32 restaurant in MBS. The acquaintance helped him perfect his formula for a hearty bowl of fish soup.

In the video below, we speak with Kang, to learn more about how he has embraced the hawkerpreneur spirit and journey.

Visit Kang’s stall Chao Zhou on Instagram here.