Westgate’s newest restaurant is a night market of Korean-style international street food

Sound the alert—another Korean F&B concept has reached our shores, once more in the unassuming heartlands of the West. From the same people behind Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory and newly opened Nipong Naepong, NY Night Market is a smorgasbord of global street food favorites, congregated neatly in one casual, pocket-friendly place.

The idea is essentially a New York bazaar-style food market—under one roof, and minus the hassle of jostling between stalls. On the menu are dishes like Finger Steak ($14.90), juicy pan-seared ribeye served on a hotplate; and Waterfall Cheese Shrimp ($13.90), sauteed shrimp served with a mini bucket of cheese fondue sauce. Expect a unique Korean spin on things—like a Rosti & Beef ($10.90) dish that makes use of bulgolgi beef; and Cream the Curry ($13.90), a pot of beef and topokki (Korean rice cakes) curry beneath house-made whipped cream.

There are also larger options great for sharing—specifically the Korean-Italian fusion take on dakgalbi (grilled chicken) Pasta de Dakgalbi ($16.90), and classic seafood stew Seafood Nurungji Soup ($18.90).

Drinks too are a unique affair. Boozy tipples like the Casanova ($13.90) and Day & Night ($12.90) make interesting use of beer—mixed with Cointreau and black coffee respectively. Otherwise, there are safer mocktails and cocktails like the Blood & Seoul ($14.90), a ‘harmless’ lime mojito with fruity purees and an upside-down bottle of beer. An apt selection, considering NY Night Market’s aesthetic of a typical New York City dive bar.

NY Night Market is located at Westgate, #01-08, and is open 11am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 11am-11pm (Sat-Sun). More information here.