MeatLiquor SIN finally opens next week: here’s what’s on the menu

We’re pretty excited for the Singapore offshoot of popular London burger restaurant MeatLiquor to open Jun 2nd. MeatLiquor SIN will take over the space formerly occupied by Life is Beautiful on Duxton Road. Here’s what’s in store.

The space will be decked out in huge murals of deep-sea divers with antique helmets, as well as lots of grafitti. It’s all about grungy and bright mismatched decor with an equally cool music playlist. Space aside, expect a menu filled with famed London creations, as well as new Singapore exclusives.

There are famous dishes like buffalo wings with pickled celery and blue cheese sauce and chili dogs of smoked pork frank with cheddar cheese and jalapenos that appear on the Singapore menu. But if you’re interested in Singapore exclusives, there are plates of sambal wings, made with homemade sambal; Cajun-spiced gunpowder soft shell crab and sambal fries topped with a fried egg and onion. Prices for food have yet to be confirmed, but we hear some burgers are less than $20. Don’t miss the popular Dead Hippie with mustard-fried beef patties, a special sauce and pickles, as well as the Singapore-only sambal chicken sandwich, a deep-fried chicken patty slathered in sambal sauce.

The place is also known for its fun cocktails. On the menu are libations like Duxton Fizz ($25) with vodka, pear, lemon juice and strawberry; the Charrito Negro ($23) with mezcal, cola and vanilla salt; and the Gibsin Martini ($22), a stirred gin-based drink with dry vermouth and pickles.