Where to find Asian whiskys in Singapore

It wasn’t Scottish or Irish but a Taiwanese whisky that was recently crowned the world’s best single malt whiskey by the World Whiskies Awards. Made by Kavalan distillery, King Car Solist Vinho Barrique bagged bragging rights for its creamy, hot brown sugar-like taste. Here’s where you can find it and other Asian whiskys in Singapore.

The Auld Alliance

The whisky specialist has one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in Singapore. Aside from the usual Scottish and Irish varieties, the bar has a sizeable collection of Japanese whiskys, too. Bottles include rare 90s Karuizawa and Hanyu Ichiro’s Joker Card series and can start as low as $16 per glass.


The Japanese restaurant and bar has quite a few whisky bottles stashed in their cabinets. They’ve got the classics like Suntory and Hibiki alongside Ichiro’s Malt Card series and an 1982 Kawasaki. While the Taketsuru 17-years old goes for $17, most glasses are upwards of $20 here.

La Maison Du Whisky

There’s also a huge list of whisky here, but this Robertson Quay bar and retail shop carries more than just Japanese whisky. Here, you’ll be able to find bottles from the Taiwanese distillery, Kavalan, which just won the World Whiskies Award. On the list are bottles of Kavalan King Car, Vinho Barrique and even the Peaty Single Cask. The bottles start at $120.


You’ll be surpried to know that India has its own whisky brand. The modern Indian restaurant not only cooks up gastronomic Indian food, it has three different bottlings of Amrut whiskies: cask strength, fusion and sherry matured that are priced from $16-22 per glass.

Quaich Bar

Known as that whisky bar near Zouk nightclub, this place is known for stocking a comprehensive selection of Scottish malts. But they also carry a small selection of Japanese whiskies from Hibiki, Yamazaki and Taketsuru that all hover in the $20 region.