These are the most mouthwatering milkshakes in Singapore

From freakshakes with towering toppings to the ones laced with bourbon and bacon, here’s where to send your sugar levels on overdrive. 

1. Benjamin Browns 


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The bistro puts out freakshakes in four different variations: Nutella Banana, Coffee Avocado, Caramel Crunch and Old School (above), an over-the-top concoction with candy floss, sprinkles, whipped cream and cookies. 

2. Cake Spade


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Dubbed the cake shake, this bakery and cafe offers a selection of four flavors such as Matcha Azuki, Mudslide, Rodeo and Unicone.

3. Clinton St. Baking Company

No all-American diner is complete without serving up a decent milkshake—order the Chocolate Peanut Butter, Wild Blueberry, Root Beer Float or Salted Caramel with bourbon, all topped with chantilly cream. 

4. The House of Robert Timms


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Drink your feelings with the uber indulgent Strawberry Whoopie, which has marshmallows, froot loops and strawberry pocky sticks.

5. LabSG


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Craving for a dessert kind of like breakfast? Then try the Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake with strawberry jam drizzle, wafers, pocky sticks, waffle biscuits and fruit loops at this Jalan Pisang cafe. 

6. Prive Cafe


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Possibly the most grown-up of the lot, the Triple Chocolate Milkshake is a classy-looking concoction with chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips and chocolate wafer.

7. MakeShake


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Grab your shake to go at this customizable milkshake shack. You can choose from three different bases (vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream and froyo), a wide variety of flavors like Butterscotch Candy and Kinder Bueno, and toppings such as whipped cream or almonds. 

8. OverEasy


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You can never go wrong with a classic milkshake from this American-inspired diner. Here, you can shake things up (oops) with a piece of bacon on top.