Where to get Japanese oden in Singapore

Among the sushi and yakitori craze, the wintery Japanese soup, oden, may not be the most popular Japanese dish. But tons of restaurants are joining in on the emerging trend. Whether you like to embellish your soy-flavored dashi broth with boiled eggs and sliced daikon or beef tendons and kabocha, here are four places to find oden in Singapore.

Bar Ippudo

Ramen isn’t the only star of the show here. Alongside the sake bar, this place serves oden, too. You can order it per piece or in threes, with ingredients like daikon, chikuwa (fish and gluten tubes), tamago and konnyaku (yam cake). Don’t skimp on the sake either.

Ginza Tendon Itsuki

Keisuke Takeda, of Ramen Keisuke fame, will open yet another shop along Tanjong Pagar come July. While the focus is on Japanese ten don, or rice bowls, full of tempura and veggies, the sake bar will be cooking up pots of oden to pair with the drinks.


This upscale restaurant has an unmistakably zen vibe. The Osaka-style restaurant modernizes the traditional oden experience by serving each ingredient in individual courses. The version here uses white shoyu and seasonal ingredients like fried beancurd cake and a cabbage roll with minced beef and pork, which are all cooked in simmering Oden pots.

Orihara Shoten

This famous sake store and bar in Robertson Quay used to be one of the only places to get oden in Singapore. There’s a huge list of sake representing most prefectures in Japan, as well as awesome bowls of oden that are served in a traditional choose-your-own-toppings no-frills style.