From delicious vegetarian meals to comforting Indonesian cuisine

Don’t burn a hole in your pocket dining at expensive restaurants after a shopping spree at Bugis. Below, we list some of the best places for affordable yet delicious eats around the district, from Mexican restaurant Afterwit to trusty prata spot Zam Zam.



Fancy a burrito bowl? Thankfully, if you’re around the Bugis precinct, you won’t have to go too far to enjoy a hearty meal. Simply pop by Afterwit, a casual joint that specialises in Mexican dishes like pulled beef tacos, chicken burritos and cheesy nachos. If you’re in the neighbourhood for lunch, be sure to order their Lunch Set that’s just $14.90 for tacos or a burrito and an iced tea.

Chix Hot Chicken

Co-owned by Singapore Idol’s very own Taufik Batisah, this halal-friendly, Arab Street cafe serves up seriously crispy, Nashville-style fried chicken, seasoned with organic dry peppers (including ghost peppers) for an extra spicy kick. Other popular items are the sliders, as well as their chicken and waffles combo.



Try Singapore’s first Indomie eatery for comforting Indonesian cuisine. Dig into the mouth-watering Indomie Ayam Bakar that features the irresistible instant noodles alongside a fried egg and roasted chicken thigh; as well as the Indomie Sate Daging for satay and fried noodles. Large groups can consider sharing the IndoMie Mumbo Jumbo which offers a generous platter of the restaurant’s best eats too.

Omurice Keisuke


Tuck into perfectly cooked egg omelettes over fried rice at none other than Keisuke’s omurice restaurant. It’s conveniently located at Bugis+ so all may get their omurice fix at less than $10. Those with a hankering for pasta can even try the Mentaiko Spaghetti Set Meal or add on a side of pasta to their rice set.

Vege Pot

Located at Fortune Centre along Middle Road, Vege Pot is just a skip and a hop away from Bugis Street. Here, find some of the best vegetarian dishes including the Penang Bah Gu Teh, Thunder Tea Rice and Braised “Pork” Rice.

Zam Zam

Known for its prata and murtabak dishes, Zam Zam is perfect for wallet-friendly dinners with the crew. In fact, try its set deals for prata with fried chicken or egg prata with beef masala. Yum.