Where to get more amazing Filipino food in Singapore next weekend

Timbre+ is coming up with a special gastronomical weekend to fix you up with some very hearty and artery-clogging grub in five epic off-the-menu collaborations of their own chefs as well as guest chefs. One of the highlights of the Open Stoves event happening from Jul 23-24, is a collaboration that will see a local twist on everybody’s favorite belly lechon.

Cebuano chef Christian Calledo from popular Filipino barbecue joint, Iskina Cebu and local culinary bad boy Bjorn Shen from hipster Thai fried chicken eatery, Bird Bird, will be teaming up to create a delightful fusion of Cebuano and local flavors. Swing by and pamper your tastebuds with a unique dish of curry noodles and belly lechon, complete with some salted vegetables and lime.

For the full list of chef pairings and more information, go here.

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