Our childhood dreams have come true

If you, like us, spent your childhood tearing into those bite-sized White Rabbit cream candies, then get excited for the launch of White Rabbit Ice Cream, an upsized version of the nostalgia-inducing treat.

First seen in Shanghai last year, the incoming White Rabbit Ice Cream is here as the official dessert crafted as a collaboration between Bright Dairy & Food Co. and Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food. Which means many of those other White Rabbit popsicles seen around our island are simply variations of the original flavour and recipe.

So seize the opportunity to taste the real deal as Hao Productions brings in the ultimate throwback in popsicle form—milky and chewy, we can guarantee this White Rabbit ice cream is the perfect dessert to end a tiresome workday.


In fact, the creamy delicious sweet may just get the seal of approval from your grandparents too.

Go ahead and indulge in the true White Rabbit Ice Cream this September; a box of five retails at $12 in NTUC FairPrice supermarkets, as well as the online NTUC marketplace.