We love a great oxymoron

It’s 2018 (almost 2019), yet the innovation in the F&B industry continues to boggle the mind. For the first time, pioneering Korean fried chicken chain 4Fingers will offer meat-free options on the menu, in a groundbreaking partnership with Quorn.

For the uninitiated, Quorn is a meat-free brand from the UK, freshly one year old here after its debut in Singapore last October. Made using a fungi-based protein called Mycoprotein, Quorn products focus on being nutritious and sustainable. The all-new collaboration brings two meat-free items: Quorn Chickless Wings ($8.45 for six pieces) and Quorn Chickless Nuggets ($6.50 for six pieces)—the former coated in 4Fingers’ signature soy garlic or hot sauce, and the latter paired with sriracha and plum dips exclusively created by 4Fingers.   

To drive home the point that Quorn isn’t just for vegetarians, 4Fingers is offering an additional Smackers option where you can get a mix of Quorn Chickless Wings and regular 4Fingers signature crispy chicken, from $8.45. Their last collaboration saw a fried chicken skin sensation set with local chef Bjorn Shen; this one should be no less impressive. The new meat-free options are now available across all 13 4Fingers outlets island-wide.