Go local with these log cakes featuring durian, gula melaka, pandan and more

Christmas ain’t complete without the quintessential log cake. And nothing beats log cakes filled with honest-to-goodness local flavours like durian, chendol, gula melaka and pandan. So if you’ve had enough of the same ol’ chocolate and vanila classics, give these ones a try.

Baba Chews Bar and Eatery

, Go local with these log cakes featuring durian, gula melaka, pandan and more

Serving up both modern and traditional Peranakan fare in a homey setting, Baba Chews is one place that doesn’t do desserts by halves. This festive season sees two unique Yule Log creations—the Chendol Yule Log ($59 for 1kg) and the Ubi Manis ($62 for 1kg). If you’re one who enjoys local desserts, the former is actually a combo of all the classic chendol ingredients in cake form. Think pandan sponge delicately layered with chendol jelly, grated coconut crumble and fine red bean mousse that has been laced in gula melaka and coconut milk. The latter meanwhile is a purple sweet potato sponge with swirls of blueberry confit set in whipped ganache and topped with crunchy white chocolate pearls. 86 East Coast Rd.

Caffe Pralet

Caffe Pralet is located along a quiet residential street in the Tiong Bahru estate and it dedicates itself to serving up high-quality, healthful creations for a guiltless indulgence. Lactose intolerant or health-conscious beings, Caffe Pralet has launched a range of fusion modern log cakes made with 100 percent natural soy milk. Think Kueh Sarlat ($68), made using a creamy in-house kaya custard rolled within a vanilla sponge; or the Matcha Salted Egg Black Sesame ($68), that has a basic vanilla sponge elevated through use of Japanese matcha mousse and a salted egg creme bruelee topped with black sesame fuellitene crisp. 17 Eng Hoon St.

Goodwood Park Hotel


Goodwood Park Hotel has long been associated with perfectly executed durian treats. As Christmas rolls around, we expect no less from them. This year’s Mao Shan Wang Durian Christmas log ($75 for 500g) takes the cake, so to speak. A premium adaptation of the classic Goodwood D24 Durian Christmas log cake, it is a dreamy concoction of vanilla sponge with rich Mao Shan Wang durian goodness packed in. If you have been nice all year, you’ll deserve yourself this little indulgence. 22 Scotts Rd.

Pan Pacific Singapore

, Go local with these log cakes featuring durian, gula melaka, pandan and more

If you’re a durian enthusiast looking for something subtler than Mao Shan Wang, but no less sublime, Pan Pacific is parading a sinful D24 Pandan Durian log cake ($70 for 1kg) this year for your Christmas feasting. Tempered with pandan, an indispensable ingredient in household dishes for its mild aromatic purposes, this combination spotlights the lusciously delightful durian paste that will send you straight to gastronomic heaven. Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Blvd.

Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

, Go local with these log cakes featuring durian, gula melaka, pandan and more

These guys have outdone themselves this Christmas, unveiling five kinds of Christmas cakes this year. But the one you should be looking out for is the exclusive Raspberry Gula Melaka Coconut log ($68 for 1 kg). Here, a mildly-sweet coconut sponge layered with gula melaka and tart raspberry jam results in a culinary combination that almost resembles some of Janice Wong’s creations. 320 Orchard Rd.

Sinpopo Grocer

, Go local with these log cakes featuring durian, gula melaka, pandan and more
Newly opened Sinpopo Grocer, sister establishment of Sinpopo Brand on Joo Chiat, is the stuff of gula melaka dreams. You’ll definitely want to get the glistening Gula Melaka Log Cake ($62 for 1kg),
a smoky caramel coated roll that is perfect for dessert lovers that prefer things to be not-too-sweet. Want more? Other equally local creations like the Durian Pulut Hitam Cake ($68 for 1.4kg), and the Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($62 for 1.5kg) are equally irresistable. #B1-33 Paragon, 290 Orchard Rd.