41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore

Congrats on finishing your first full week of fasting. Chances are, though, that you’ve used up all your good places for buka puasa, aka breaking fast aka iftar. Worry not. There’s a whole list of halal-certified and Muslim-owned places to hit up between now and Hari Raya. Here are some highlights.


Sister-cafe to Working Title, this joint serves Mexican brunch and Tex-Mex cuisine with featured dishes such as their jalapeno tacos,smoked duck quesadillas, roast beef burritos and various other combinations. Halal
The cozy bistro, with an alfresco area, in Bedok has a loyal following. There are halal versions of Greek and Mediterranean dishes mixed with an Asian fusino, highlights include lamb ribs bamia served with spiced tomato rice, seafood aglio olio, beef ribs,crab pasta and Badoque lamb shank. Plus, it’s got iced drinks like salted caramel. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Fix Cafe
Fika Cafe
This pretty Swedish bistro has the Scandinavian works, down to the minimalist Ikea-esque furniture. On the menu are favorites like Swedish meatballs, Thunbrōdrulle which has classic Swedish thin bread rolls with mashed potatoes, grilled sausage, crispy shallots Bostongurka baked potato with shrimp, mayo and dill, as well as Swedish pancakes and crepes. There are branches in the CBD, too. Halal
It’s alfresco and it’s by a pool, so that’s two hits right there. Plus, the cafe has the whole industrial look with exposed ceilings and Edison bulbs. On the menu are fajitas  with fillings like chicken achar and beef with kimchi, enchiladas filled with pulled beef or chicken aside from their mains like chicken pascal and steak and potatoes. Halal
The Haji Lane cafe is famed for its dizzying array of thick-sliced colorful cakes ranging from rainbow cakes to Russian black & white cakes. On the savory front, the Amsterdam-inspired cafe also serves sandwiches and beef meatball pastas and highlights such as their charcoal-grilled beef patty and the boss burger that has a special sauce with truffle oil and chive mayo.
Once a street stall in Malaysia, it has expanded its franchise into Singapore at Aliwal Arts Centre, serving burgers of chicken, mutton or beef fillings or you could try their umami-licious Permaisuri, the queen burger or the smoky beef burger, Castro chicken wings or if you’re in the mood for good old fries, they offer chilli cheese ones. Halal
Cutesy, cloud-stencilled decor aside, this cafe’s strong point lies in their sweet treats. There are decadent and pretty desserts like rainbow cakes, multi-colored macaroons and cheesecakes. The place also serves croissant sandwiches The Kampong Glam spot is pretty cozy and also sports a retail store with trinkets and stationery. Halal
This one is a great place when you’re looking for an icy respite from the heat. Located in Changi Village, the cafe does lots of pastas but we’re really in it for the gelato that comes in kooky flavors like Horlicks, durian and chili chocolate. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Kaw Kaw SG’s The Permaisuri Burger
This East Coast cafe is already a popular hangout for those who live in the area, thanks to its menu full of sweet treats like red velvet Nutella cupcakes and sweet pies. It also has sandwiches like smoked salmon and cream cheese; brunch items like scrambled eggs on tomato sourdough bread and coffees. Muslim-owned
This Malay-Western cafe at Bali Lane serves dishes like pesto pizzas, grilled marinated chicken with peanut and lontong sauce and kurry kremoso, aka curry chicken with pasta. Halal
This hip little spot experiments with healthier versions of dishes like beef meatballs, all handmade from scratch. Although there’s a huge dessert selection, and everything is supposedly healthy. They even have a Paleo lemon pie with honey meringue for those health-conscious cafe goers. Muslim-owned
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
The Working Title
Recently halal-certified, this burger bar serves handmade patties in their gourmet burgers such as their double-pattied, The Working Title Tower of Power burger, Dengerous, a dendeng burger along with other creations of their own like smoothies, cakes and even the surprising flavoured Ribena wings. (Sorry, no more fridge full of cheap craft beers.) Halal

Asian & Local Restaurants

If you’re not in favor of any particular cuisine, Bumbu’s a great halal restaurant pick in that it offers Indonesian, Peranakan and Thai dishes on its menu. A central spot that doesn’t necessarily attract throngs of people, Bumbu is known for their tahu telor, century egg salad and beef rendang. Halal
If you’re game for some tongue-numbing sambal, head down to Gurame, which offers up a variety of them as accompaniments to delicious signature dishes like the fried Gurame fish. You’re going to have to drive or take a cab down for sure—though a shuttle service is available from Tanah Merah MRT station—but the calming sea view and overall dine-in quality are worth the trip. Halal
Their focus may be on catering for events, but there are also set menus available for groups of six to 60. Depending on what you choose, there are delicious traditional Malay dishes like ayam goreng kalasan and beef rendang (set A, $17.65), sayur lodeh and sambal goreng pengantin (set B, $23.50 per person). The restaurant-caterer’s signatures include sambal goreng, tahu telur, beef rendang and oxtail soup, among more than 40 kampong-style plates on the menu. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
A halal food joint that serves up some of the most authentic southern Thai dishes, with must-trys such as the pandan chicken and mango salad. Halal
The simple menu consists of Indian-Muslim staples like mee goreng, naan, dosa and murtabak, but the runaway winner are the biryanis which come in huge portions. This is your new go-to CBD lunch option. Halal
There are not many halal restaurants in Singapore that serve bona fide Vietnamese fare so we’re adding this one in our little black book for awhile. They’ve got pho, spring rolls and the usual classics. Halal
You can’t go wrong with crowd favorites like pineapple rice, and of cos, tom yum goong. They also have a delivery service, if you’re hankering for some Thai when you’re homebound. Halal
Located near the Sultan Mosque, this is possibly the oldest family-run nasi Padang stall in Singapore. They are known for their authentic dishes like beef rendang, ayam bakar, ikan bakar and sambal goreng. Warong Nasi Pariaman also does a mean bagedel. Be warned: they sell out fast. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Tash Tish Tosh
This Turkish restaurant certainly has the Middle Eastern vibe down to pat with blue tiled walls and a chill atmosphere. They serve traditional Middle Eastern halal food like baba ganoush and baklava. Halal
Western Restaurants
Specialising  in various kinds of steak from ribeye, sirloin, lamb and even wagyu with majority of the steaks at an affordable price of below $20, this steak place offers original sauces like their portabello mushroom as well as desserts like their selection of waffle and ice cream. Halal
This quaint restaurant that serves affordable halal Western food with huge portions of popular dishes such as the cheesy chicken cutlet spaghetti and cheesy fish and chips, great for dinner and sharing. Halal
If you’re looking for all kinds of various combinations to satisfy your pancake cravings, this is a good place as it serves combinations such as blueberry cream cheese pancakes, a pancake burger like the Aussie burger double patty, French crepe and many other sweet and savory treats. Muslim-owned
This place offers American cuisine with a Malay twist, with a menu that serves buffalo wings which include their signature The Bomb buffalo wings, Wagyu steak and original pizzas such as the Meathead, WhiteStar and Under the Sea. Seafood lovers should try the PMS (prawn, mussels and squids) belachan arrabiata. Muslim-owned
This casual restaurant offers halal American chicken wings and burgers. Wing lovers should gorge on their honey and smoky bbq wings, the southern favorite buffalo wings and even Thai chilli wings. Halal

Asian Buffet Spreads

This Mediterranean restaurant at Days Hotel, will be offering their Mediterr-Asian journey buffet promotion, with their Nasi Ambeng dinner buffet spread. Halal
Holiday Inn’s Atrium Restaurant is having an Iftar seafood buffet special that even offers a one-for-one deal if you book early. The menu features seafood like fresh oysters and salted egg crayfish and their signature roasted lamb leg. Halal
This 180-seater restaurant with nautical cues matched with shiny surfaces and IKEA-like tables and chairs offers a buffet spread of a Western and Asian mix with Chinese, Japanese and Indian food stations with highlights like their roasted duck, chilli crab and prawn tempura. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Eatzi Gourmet’s Hari Raya Combo meal for 6 pax

Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport
Till Jul 6, Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport is offering a special Buka Puasa Feast buffet promotion in collaboration with Rajah Mas Catering , which will feature beef rendang, sambal prawns, ayam masak merah and other traditional Ramadan favourites. Reservations must be made three days in advance. Halal

This restaurant is serving special Buka Puasa combos and mini buffets and even the Hari Raya Goodies with highlights such as their signature lamb shank, nasi goreng with prawns & chicken satay. Halal
Till Jul 5, there will be a Ramadan Iftar promotion, serving traditional ethnic flavours like kambing(lamb)  soup, Pisang Goreng, Chempedak Roll and Chef’s Sugi Nasi Ulam among many others buffet spreads. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport’s Sedaplicious Buka Puasa Feast
This is one of Singapore’s long standing Indonesian restaurants that offers Balinese cuisine with a modern twist offering a spread called Nasi Tumpeng Temptations that has a turmeric rice mountain served with side dishes as well as their Iftar spread of Paha Kambing Bakar (grilled lamb leg) and kebab ayam (grilled chicken shawarma) and even ketam sambal (spicy crab). Halal
The last time we reviewed this place, we found it to be a suitably pleasant dining experience and we haven’t changed our mind. A great variety of Asian delicacies like beef rendang, oyster omelette, kung pao chicken and palak paneer is available at one of the halal restaurants in Singapore situated in a hotel. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore

International Restaurant Aquamarine’s Signature Laksa 

International Buffet Spreads

This darling hotel restaurant has been a hot buffet favorite with our Muslim friends since its inception and is almost always packed to the brim on weekends and during the month of Ramadhan. Among the halal restaurants in Singapore, this one’s got the best variety—a succulent seafood spread, yummy Mediterranean fare and a delightful chocolate fountain. Worth braving through the Orchard crowd. Halal
Tiffany Cafe and Restaurant
This Halal-certified café-restaurant offers buffet lunch and dinner that features an international cuisine from a Malay kitchen at affordable prices. Halal


If you’re looking for dessert after, then you can visit I Am cafe’s affiliated cafe, All In which serves chocolate-coated donuts and ice Nutella drinks. They even offer brownies with their popular ice cream flavour, chocolate ecstasy. Muslim-owned
This dual-concept space houses Fictive Fingers’ textiles and pouches and And All Things Delicious’ bakery selling granola and sticky toffee pudding. Don’t miss their scones that come in ever-changing flavors like orange and gula melaka. Halal
, 41 delicious halal restaurants to buka puasa in Singapore
Fluff Bakery
It seems like we can’t get enough of bakeries and sweet treats. This place has innovative cupcake flavors like chocolate milkshake, fries, teh tarik and ispahan with lychee centre but they also have traditional flavors like red velvet and salted caramel. We’ve been told that they’re introducing a new flavour, pineapple tart cupcake, this Ramadan. Halal
This bingsu-outlet may be one of the many in Singapore but it is the only halal-certified one and it even has some fusion takes on bingsu such as their mango lassi marl bingsu and chendol bingsu. Halal