Zero-calorie noodles now exist, and here’s where you can find them

Everyone knows the worst part of indulging in a hearty bowl of udon is the inevitable calorie gain afterwards. Oh the carbs! Take heart, though, noodle fans; zero-calorie “miracle” noodles have arrived, and they taste just as sinful.

Hailing from none other than affordable udon chain Tamoya Udon, the elusive Japanese shirataki noodles are made from konjac root, and are scientifically proven to aid weight loss. Health benefits include being high in fiber, low in carbs, and completely free of gluten. And because nutrition and taste aren’t mutually exclusive, the shirataki noodles come in four flavors incorporating Tamoya’s signature sauces and broths, under the Bijin Noodles series.

, Zero-calorie noodles now exist, and here’s where you can find them
Tamoya Udon Bijin Noodles

The prices hover nicely around the Liang Court favorite’s famous $10 menu, and range from $8.80 to $11.80. There’s Oooh-mami (rich XO sauce, dried sakura ebi, spring onions and bonito flakes topped with an onsen egg), Cold (sesame-shoyu sauce with five different vegetables, minced pork and a marinated ramen egg), Kake (your choice of beef or pork in a comforting dashi soup broth), and Sanuki (a simple soy dashi broth with beef or pork). If you’re getting excited, you’ll be pleased to know the series launches Mar 28—available for a limited time only. 

Tamoya Udon is located at Liang Court Shopping Centre, #01-32. More info here.