The hype: There’s nothing quite like 1-V:U (pronounced “one view”) in Singapore. By the folks behind 1-Altitude and taking inspiration from the likes of Omnia Bali, this rooftop beachfront restaurant and day club perched atop The Outpost Hotel is a unique, much-welcomed addition to Sentosa’s offerings.

The vibe: Find a pulsing poolside party spot over at the day club area, one filled with sunbeds, oceanfront views and a live DJ deck. The crowd is a good mix of locals and tourists in beach wear or casual attire, depending on the time and day of the week. Over at the adjoining 60-seater restaurant, find a modern, cavernous space ideal for group gatherings and dates (if you get a window side seat).

, 1-V:U

The food: A good selection of easy-nibbling fries and pizzas dominate the day club’s food menu (try the Mala-gherita Pizza; $20), as it should be, but for a proper dining experience, we’d recommend being at the restaurant.

There, find a progressive Asian offering by Head Chef Ace Tan, who has cut his teeth at restaurants the likes of Les Amis, Pollen and Bacchanalia. He uses his fine dining chops well, delivering an elevated communal menu that delights with good use of regional flavours and ingredients.

Definitely get the appetising (and addictive) French and winged beans dish ($12) to start. It’s a hot salad, with the two types of beans being served in an Indonesian bambu sauce and Japanese natto. It sounds like an unusual combination of sauces and produce, but we’re glad they were daring enough to serve up something so unproven (yet familiar enough).

For mains, try the red snapper fillet ($38) served in a shallow pool of beurre blanc sauce, house made XO, garlic shoots and pickled myoga. It’s buttery and umami-laden, and is a solid show of unison of the best of Western and Eastern culinary worlds.

, 1-V:U

For something fun and shareable, go for the glazed oyster blade steak ($40). It’s presented like Korean ssambap, with lettuce leaves, shiso leaves, kimchi and pickled pearl onions served on the side for you to wrap the meats with. The pesto-like sauce on the steak is actually made using green chillies, for a nice spice kick you don’t often get from regular pesto.

Desserts here are almost made for people who don’t usually like desserts (that’s us). They aren’t too sweet and serves the purpose of cleansing your palate while being a nice end to your meal. We love the black rice pudding ($12), that reminds us fondly of pulut hitam, while being different enough with use of coconut kaffir lime ice cream and rice puffs for added texture and layers.

1-V:U offers a tasting menu too, if you’re more in the mood for something refined. Plus, a private dining option is also in the works.

The drinks: Find a small but sufficient wine list here (a glass starts from $18), with the Champagnes outnumbering their reds and whites combined—which actually lends well to poolside drinking. Also find beers, a good selection of spirits and signature cocktails that suit the day club vibe.

, 1-V:U

Why you’ll be back: For a rooftop day club and dining experience by the beachfront, there’s really no where else to be. It’s easy to make a day of it at 1-V:U, since it offers so much within its confines. Go for their bottomless Sunday brunch ($98 for free-flowing drinks and food) and take it to the next level.