31 Bar & Kitchen

A simply-decorated French restaurant on the new it street Keong Saik Road presents unfussy plates with playful twists on Asian cuisine. Dishes like prawn and mango ceviche ($10), smoked eel and sweet potato ($10) and wagyu beef skewers ($12) are not only Asian-inspired but are presented in rustic mason jars and wooden boards. Keeping with the simplicity of the place are sharing platters of various cheeses ($28) that presents some interesting, albeit slightly smelly cheese. 

Heavier options like lamb rack (from $35) and whole grilled squid with aioli sauce ($15) are also available, but be warned that the menu is on regular rotation. They’re even experimenting with a chilli crab puff that contains all the goodness without the mess. 

They’ve also got an extensive wine list from both the Old and New World. Being the Frenchman that he is, owner-manager Andre Rannaud emphasizes enjoying wines based on flavors (rather than it being a science) and doesn’t skimp on quality by-the-glass options.