55 Steamboat

This cool and hip restaurant isn’t like your usual steamboat joints which vividly reflect the traditional East Asian culture, and instead bears more resemblance to a hipster cafe with its brick walls, aluminum chairs and umbrellas as lampshades. Oh, and they have a bar counter as well.

55 Steamboat is part-time Chinese teacher Song Jintian’s first attempt at the F&B business, along with his wife who also happens to be a teacher. Both of them didn’t want the place to look like mainstream steamboat places in town, and the result is the restaurant’s industrial chic interiors. However they haven’t compromised on the food, as they adhere to the traditional methods of serving up steamboat.

The restaurant offers a buffet set ($29.80) with a wide variety of seafood, meat and vegetables. In broths ($16), they offer three choices: a pork bone based broth, a sweet tomato broth, and their signature hot and spicy mala broth made using 20 kinds of spices, which comes with a choice of three levels of spiciness. The price of the broth is not included in the set. For the buffet, we recommend you try their prawn paste ball, pig intestines, marinated beef and the beef omasum. Drinks wise, you can get four big bottles of Qingdao for $20.