Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

Seafood lovers will love this place that’s got an unpretentious vibe and brightly lit interior decorated with rectangular, retro colored lights. Do gawk at the water tanks that showcase lobsters, clams, crabs, prawns and the like. The water is clean and clear, and you can choose which fish or crustacean you want. Staff will hop up dexterously to the tanks and hoist out your pick—live and thrashing—to you. We had Sri Lankan crabs steamed with Chinese wine. The crabs were fresh, juicy and the Chinese wine enhanced the crabs’ sweetness perfectly. The barbeque Peking duck (a whole duck) was fab—crispy, thinly sliced, complemented with a lovely sauce, succulent pieces and thin-enough Chinese crepes. Our deep-fried tiger grouper was also delightfully crispy and fresh. The herbal jelly and mango pudding desserts were fairly average. Another thing we liked was the wait-staff’s attentive and intuitive service. We’ll be back.